Very Smart Books Bookkeeping Service.
Maximize Your Profit and Control over Your Business and Your Life with Accurate Quickbooks.


Very Smart Books handles the entire bookkeeping function for businesses and provides a significant savings over the cost of an in-house bookkeeper.

Very Smart Books service solves common problems of many small and medium size businesses including those businesses that…

  • do not have their own bookkeeper
  • require the business owner to devote too much of his or her time to keeping the books
  • are having trouble finding and keeping a good bookkeeper who is able to keep an accurate set of books
  • have a bookkeeper that is overwhelmed by too much work, or
  • have a spouse handling the burden of keeping the business’s books.

Benefits of using Very Smart Books
bookkeeping service

We only work with business owners:

  • who aspire to success and prosperity for themselves and their employees
  • who know the value of their time and want to use it more profitably and not waste it in keeping their own books
  • who understand the value of systems and organization
  • who have “bad books”
  • who want to work smarter
  • who know that they could work less hard and make more money.

With Very Smart Books, a business’s books are always kept accurately and up-to-date. Our staff handles invoicing, receivables, bill payment and payables, bank reconciliations, payroll, sales tax and more.

Further and most importantly, we’ll teach the business owner how to generate reports on a regular basis that will help improve cash flow and a business’s profitability. Business owners will always have access to their books. In fact, they will have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week from wherever they are. Accounting data will be secure and protected and backed up every day.


Very Smart Books has available the following levels of service:

Bronze Package for those clients who have their own in-house bookkeeper: VSB will review your books on a monthly basis, or at some other agreed upon interval. VSB will review or perform your bank reconciliations, tie out payroll to payroll reports, review postings of and aging of receivables and payables, review general ledger for correctness of postings and make journal entries as appropriate to correct and update your books. We’ll also make year-end journal entries so books are ready for your accountant to prepare your annual tax returns.

Silver Package: All services included in Bronze Package plus management review of balance sheet, profit and loss statement and any other agreed upon reports.

Gold Package for those clients who do not have their own bookkeeper: Very Smart Books will function as your bookkeeper providing full bookkeeping services. VSB will maintain your accounting books and records accurately and on an up-to-date basis. Our clients have unlimited access to their accounting records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Platinum Package: Combines the Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages.

Accountants Write-up: VSB will write-up your clients’ books and reconcile their bank accounts on a regular basis. We’ll act as your staff person to handle your write-up function.

All services are fully customizable to a client’s individual needs.


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